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michelle robertson

Actor. Director. Writer. Mother

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I'm a passionate Actor, sometimes Director and Playwright, often-utilised Presenter and Mentor, former Journalist and long-suffering Mother to a delightful teenage daughter who seems to be following in my performing footsteps (only she's the real Triple Threat!).


Having travelled the world for over 20years, experienced so much love, laughter, heartbreak, pain and danger - I now bring a real sense of urgency, thrill, energy, hardwork and drama to my acting and am the life of the after-party with my many stories of crazy situations (how I got into them and how I got out of them) and fun times I've encountered over the years.


But don't let my fun-loving, compassionate and sincere nature fool you...on screen or on stage I can turn into a calculating, authoritative and intimidating persona with the flick of a switch...

Oh...and did I mention I live-for Christmas....

You can catch me in either Melbourne, Sydney or Gold Coast at any of my bases there and when we can travel safely again, I have bases in the USA and UK too.




'Michelle Robertson puts in a beautiful physical performance that fully evokes the trauma of the wife, pajama clad, struggling for dignity, yet fully magical in her sadness'. 

Lisa Thatcher

April 2019




‘Beginning Act 2 is Michelle Robertson as Nigella, yes, THE food goddess…it is uproariously funny, yet underscored with pockets of truthfulness at the same time. Robertson cleverly intermingles with the audience with hilarious results’.


Penelope Thomas

Stage Whispers

May 2018

romeo & juliet

'Michelle Robertson’s performance as Friar added a much-needed balance to the emotional high of Romeo and Juliet. Robertson was able to provide a grounded, solid character that both her fellow performers and the audience could rely on for keeping the show from becoming too manic'.

John Pendergast

Theatre  People

March 2021


‘Michelle Robertson did a splendid job in the lead role of Lysistrata…she soon warmed up to take full and complete command of the space’.


David Collins


Oct 2016


NOTE: For this role - I was nominated for Best Actress (Lead role) in a Comedy, Victorian Drama League awards

the maids

‘A truly thrilling scene. Genuine moments of discovery for me…Robertson was an electric and powerful Claire!


Luisa Hastings Edge (Greenroom Nominee) 


Sept 2016

the critic

‘Michelle Robertson as Susan, a senior arts critic and Jamie's superior, is a formidable and imposing presence on stage – the sort of character that's domineering even when she's encouraging Jamie's autonomy’.


Charlene Li


Sept 2019

dinner with addiction

‘Michelle Robertson is a gifted, natural performer. Her vitality and zest for her art form are apparent. She immediately stands out and has an innate ability to stamp her mark on potentially tricky scenes. Among them was a monologue she absolutely nailed. Michelle doesn’t play safe, rather trusts her instincts and those are finely tuned. We, the audience, are undoubtedly the beneficiaries’.


Alex First

Theatre First, Dec 2016

when the light leaves

‘the convoluted sense of conflict between patient and nurse prompts standout performances from both Parrish and Robertson. Robertson’s performance is particularly impressive in this regard: the shifts and uneasiness around the professional relationship between nurse and patient are handled impeccably well'.


Cameron Colwell

June 2019


' must be noted that both Robertson and Burgess are magnetic. The dialogue becomes secondary to the natural warmth and charisma exuded by the two performers; they remain hypnotic on stage despite the convoluted trail of their conversation'


Elizabeth Seychell

Farrago Magazine

Sept 2018


‘Michelle Robertson brings to the character Diane all the stoicism of a single mother doing her darned best to bring up a boy to manhood'.


Suzanne Sandow

Stage Whispers

July 2019


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